We can take your song ideas and develop them into full multitrack recordings.  Our producers can help with songwriting and arranging, as well as performing and recording guitars, bass, drums, and more.


Step into our vocal booth to get the professional sound your voice deserves.  Track all your instruments in our acoustically treated studio.


Our mixing engineer will take your recordings to another level.  From studio recordings to home demos, we deliver a professional sounding product, allowing your songs to live up to their full potential.

Check out some songs produced, recorded, and mixed at Heavy Harbor:

Maybe Later / Shower Days

Shower Days is the first release from Maybe Later and features guest vocals by Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop.  Recorded and Mixed at Heavy Harbor (your band could sound like this!).  Mastered by Scott Hallquist at Validus Recording Studios.

Master Splitter (yes that's a Ninja Turtles reference) is the second release from Heavy Harbor Records. Recorded and Mixed at Heavy Harbor (your band could sound like this!), it features songs by Maybe Later and The Day Traitors.  Mastered by Scott Hallquist at Validus Recording Studios.



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1300 S Beacon St, San Pedro, Ca 90732

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Heavy Harbor is a punk rock record label and recording studio.  
We record and release music from up and coming punk bands that we like, and host events to help support and cultivate the local music scene.
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